Bougie Shit: Episode 37

This week, with guest Amber J,  we delve into the flipside of the Tami / Evelyn drama on Basketball wives, interracial dating, inspired by a blood boiling episode of “With Friends Like These,” and Shea Moisture.


I was listening to an episode of Identity Politics about Muslims in the Media. One of the guests brought up Yuna I thought “wait Yuna…. wait I’ve never seen her hair.” My dumb ass just thought she wore dope hair wraps. 😭😭😭 Of course that sent me down a google rabbit hole, through which I concluded Yuna is dope as hell. Her style is so sick. I also played some of my favs, including “Crush,” featuring Usher. Her last album was great and her first album was that vibey thing I love.

My guy Obama is out here cashing checks and looking like a bag of money and the whites WILL deal. Trevor summed it up PERFECTLY.

AND of course there’s Jade – last week’s episode of Jade and XD is absolutely hilarious. Listen Here.

We Out Here! Have a beautiful week.

Start The Day With The Internet

I start almost everyday with The Internet’s “Sunset”. However many times it takes for me to feel better. I know it’s so old, but it’s freeing. Helps me drop all the bullshit I bring with me just by being at a job that doesn’t match my introverted personality at all. I can always vibe out to this song and clear my headspace.

I usually let it ride into “Dontcha” which makes me want to twirl.

Usually does the trick…

I can’t wait for their new album, which is dropping next week. Special Affair is my shit: