Simply Homemade

As promised this is the mud mask I made myself this week! Trying to dry these damn pimples that have decided to invade my face..urgh!! All products were bought in my local Whole Foods but should you not have one near by hit up your good girlfriend, everything can be found there as well! Now I do suggest doing a patch test on your face to make sure that your skin can withstand these products, don’t want any extra irritation on top of what you maybe trying to clear up!! Side note facial skin and body skin are DIFFERENT so please treat them accordingly, you need facial products and body products typically you cannot use the same products on the body on the face.

Also this mask can be made with water, or buttermilk the vinegar can sometimes be a little strong so try what works for you! Oh and I’m an eye baller, meaning I rarely I measure so my rule of thumb for a one time use is 2 tsp of the clay, 2 of the liquid (h2o, vinegar, buttermilk), 5drops of lavender

Mask Me Over

Mask Me Over

Briggs Apple Cyder Vinegar – is antibacterial/anti-fungal which helps prevent acne and skin infections, unclogs pores, oil controlling and helps to balance ph!! YAAAASSSS things I love to see in products I purchase, now I’m thinking bump buying bs I’ll just make it myself.

Now Lavender Essential Oil – good for reducing redness and irritation, reduces appearance of scaring, promotes healing, and semi oil controlling!! Nothing but good can come from this stuff!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (Bentonite Clay) – draws outs toxins, helps to heal skin/rejuvenate skin, clear/prevent acne, unclogs/shrinks pores, and reduces appearance of scars.¬†Sounds like a miracle product right?? Why the hell didn’t I get this stuff before?!


The Main Ingredients

The Main Ingredients

Years ago I was financially challenged so used to make all my body care to save some coins, pictured below are some of my fave items!! Meet Super Shea and HoneyBean, the large tub is raw unrefined shea butter, sweet almond oil and essential oils, the little jar is raw unrefined coco butter, manuka honey, and essential oils everything is handmade with love and works like a charm!!

Butters Galore!!!

Butters Galore!!!

She Got a New Face Bish!!!


NARS РAll Day Luminous Weightless  Foundation (Cadiz/Med Dark 3) $48.00

NARS- Radiant Creamy Concealer (Biscuit Med Dark 1/Caramel Med Dark 2) $29.00


Clairsonic Mia 2 $149.00

Embryolisse Emulsion Hydra-Mat $40.00

Philosophy Purity $36.00

Lush – Imperials Moisturizer $24.95, Mask of Magnaminty $ 24.95, Rose/Lavender Toner $21.95

Proactive Repair Treatment $22.00-$29.00 on Amazon depends on the seller