Here lately it seems like everything is coming full circle for me and believe me I am not mad at all! For a long time I had always believed in speaking positive affirmations over my life, some how along the way I got caught up in the muck of life and  forgot or lost connection with the idea that affirmations without action are simply pretty words. This week I was reminded in conversation with a few people that you have to set fourth an intention with those affirmations to make the things you want happen in your life. I believe that through God all things are possible but God helps those who help themselves. Either way you say it positive affirmations without action mean nothing, but positive affirmation with action is everything, just as through God I can do all things and God helps those who help themselves! I believe in going forward with good intentions, God will see you through anything! YES, YES, YES!!!

Shanel Cooper Sykes personified this message for me today so I had to share it with you!!