Midnight Planning Session: Organizing

I took off tomorrow to avoid Ultra… let’s just say, it’s a lot. (I’ll post some pics and video to the gram). I figured I’d better do something productive. SO I’ll be organizing! (yay. not really). It was already on my to do list but I was totally inspired to up the ante by one of my blogger heros over at the Fashion Bomb. I’m starting with a bunch of nesting and collapsible boxes to organize my closet.

I also bought tons of hangers to organize my consignment business, which has quickly taken over my apartment. I’d like to contain it to it’s own space.

I’d like some sort of storage or bench at the end of my bed. I have lots of empty floor space (on purpose), but I need to find ways to optimize my space without adding additional large furniture pieces. So I’m thinking some sort of benches under my tables or at the end of my bed could work. I’ll hit Marshall’s, Ross, Home Goods, and Target tomorrow to see what I can find, at a reasonable price point.

For the decorating piece, I found these picture frames in the garbage room after one of my neighbors moved out… I think I want to hang them, sans pictures. I’m totally in a mixed metal moment so I’m mixing the silver frames with the gold ones.


Finally, I bought this great paisley (of course) duvet so I can switch up my room a bit… give it some freshness.

I have a loose plan, but still don’t have everything figured out. What are your tips for organizing a lot of “stuff” in a small/inefficient space.