Late Night Cravings: GiGi Miami

Gigi is one of the few places in midtown that is really open all times of the day and night and I LOVE that. It’s especially convenient when people are flying into to town late or I’m out twirling on an off night. Pretty simple Asian fusion food and GOOD MUSIC! I usually have the mushroom buns or fried rice.

But sometimes… Sometimes it’s just worth throwing on some jeans and a tee late at night to grab dessert. Everything is made from scratch daily. There’s a different bread pudding and ice cream flavor every day.


The first time I went, I had this beauty. Dark and white chocolate bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream…


I can just taste it now. They have other great desserts like sweet potato cheesecake and apple crisp, depending upon the time of year, but unless there are bananas or peanut butter in the bread pudding, I rarely order them. Welp!! I know what one day this weekend will entail….

When Is It Time?

Knowing when it’s time to move on from any situation is very important and more often than not I find myself in situations much longer then I should be. The latest precedence of that is my city or better yet the entire state. I’ve always said I wanted to live else where but I’ve yet to just pack up and leave, there always seems to be something holding me back or something I am holding onto, more recently I stated that I didn’t want to be too far from my parents but with the last disagreement i had with my mother I don’t see that sentiment holding true too much longer. Truth is I don’t know where I want to live which is why I haven’t really moved. I’ve visited a few places but the only city I can say I’ve ever felt home in was NYC, I just can’t get past the cold weather! I just don’t see how they do it year after year in that blizzard cold “oh girl I can’t be bothered with her!” I’m not a west coast girl so I don’t see it for Cali, I’ve never been there though so I can’t knock’em till I know for sure, Houston is nice and lastly there’s Miami. Miami just seems like I’d be on a never ending vacation, at this point I’m good with wherever God takes me. God picked the city I currently reside in and it’s not so bad so I’m not complaining guess I’m just wondering if it’s time for a change of scenery or something different to enter into the picture.



I’ve made some piss poor decisions in my life. Most have lead to pretty dope endings if I just ride them out. Today, my crazy ass decision to move to Miami 5 years ago is paying dividends. I was listening to Badu’s Orange Moon, thinking about what I wanted to say today, and just looked around from my desk to remember I’m living a pretty cool life, all on my terms. No, it’s not perfect but it’s the one I chose. And for that I’m grateful.





And I’m planning a beach day while yall are cold as fuck. *snickers* (Yall didn’t think I was leaving without bragging a little right?!!?!)

What are you most grateful for today?