Jay-Z B-Sides

The highlight of my weekend was absolutely Jay-Z’s B-sides show for Tidal. I’m a pretty big Jay fan and I got my complete life off the show. I’ve seen him live a couple of times and it was nice to hear some of the songs I’ve never heard at a show. I will admit I didn’t know EVERY song but I knew the vast majority of them. It was so dope to hear my favs off Reasonable Doubt like “Friend or Foe” and “22 twos,” and ANYTIME American Gangster is in the mix, I’m 100% here for it, although I was mad he didn’t play “Party Life” all the way out. The most amazing for me was “Allure.” I love that damn song. It was also amazing to see the Roc fam reunited and JEEZY!!! Anyway, if you have a cool 2 hours laying around, watch this and prosper!!

(I’m pretty sure this link will get snatched, so WATCH IT SOON!!!)

Reasons Why Kanye Can Sit His Black Ass Down

Look. I’m a Kanye, well Kanye pre-Kim, fan. The guy is musically brilliant. Cool. But I think we can all agree Yeezy could sit the fuck down sometimes, yes? Here are my top reasons:

1. Beyonce don’t need Ye caping for her.  Beyonce is very accomplished in her own right. She has 20 grammys. She is in no way underrated, hell I’d argue a bit overrated. (I like her but I STAN when she makes more emotional music a la 4.) She’s chilling. HER husband is chilling. She don’t need you on this one Ye.

1.5. I never see Ye going up for the REAL underdogs.  Not a word when Janelle Monae got snubbed last year, despite Electric Lady being a beautiful album both sonically and in content. But he can find ALL the words for Beyonce. Bye Ye.

1.75. Ye and Beyonce are NOT the only two artists on the musical landscape with talent. Just because he doesn’t rock with Beck or whoever the hell else doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy. Hell most of the artists I rock with don’t get the acclaim they deserve. I’m pretty sure my iTunes reads as ALL the future seasons of Unsung.

2. This fashion shit is wearing me thin. Truly. His fashion tantrums are the dumbest ones of all. Dude has Anna Wintour, Ricardo Tisci, an’nem on speed dial and couldn’t make a fashion moment work?!?! I guess it never occurred to him that maybe it’s NOT discrimination. Maybe he’s just NOT that damn talented. I follow fashion from a business perspective. I know that it is rife with discrimination, but nothing his privilege, wealth, and connections couldn’t overcome.

I’ve never seen anything that Kanye designed that really looked signature or original (I mean flight jackets sir?!?). I take that back. His first Louis Vuitton sneakers were dope as hell. Actually, his sneaker designs are good. NEVERTHELESS, his first runway show was Kim’s closet – a bunch of Herve Leger. All his other clothing collaborations have looked like a dumbed down version of Alexander Wang or The Row, WHICH MEANS ITS BASIC AS FUCK!!. I mean Wang and the Olsen waifs are flourishing off accessories and outerwear but I would NEVER pony up for some of their basic ass black and white clothes. His shoe collaborations with Giuseppe Zanotti were better-ish. But, they just looked like “standard” ass Giuseppes. And the bullshit called a fashion show yesterday?!? Girl, bye. I say all of this to say, no one is checking for Ye in fashion, not because he’s black, BUT BECAUSE HIS CLOTHES JUST AREN’T THAT DAMN GOOD. Tell him North!!

3. I left her for last because I can’t stand her ass – Kim. I’m not EVER going to see it for Kim. Kanye is like that cousin that marries the bish you’ont like and tries to force her on you. I aint like her ass then, and I’m not gonna like her now that you married her. He really has to make peace with that shit and stop trying to convince us of the many reason Kim is great. We don’t want her.  Bey doesn’t want her. Anna doesn’t want her. He wants her. We tolerate her because we still want Ye, for now. Dude gotta chill.

(but seriously… can we discuss this picture?!?!? Diddy/Puffy/whatever is like “this shit here,” Jay is perplexed, Bey is sitting in all her black mama “this is why Blue is not here” judgment, and Anna is trying not to get hit. I’m DYING!!)