Diana Vreeland by Marc Jacobs

WHAT did I tell yall last week about Diana Vreeland?!?!!? OG Bad Bish immortalized with this beautiful Marc Jacobs set and show.

Even if you don’t like his designs, Marc Jacobs’ shows ALWAYS inspire me. ┬áHere’s another of my favorites:


Creative blocks are the fucking worst. I keep all kinds of inspiration around to help me get through…

Vintage stuff. The textures and workmanship in vintage “stuff” is so inspiring. On top of my vintage dresser I have a vintage hat box where I house my next favorite inspiration…


Architecture, Art, and Fashion Books. I love architecture. The buildings tell stories and can help get creative energy flowing

Documentaries. The Eye Has To Travel is an amazing documentary about Diana Vreeland, the ORIGINAL fashion badass. Tom Ford’s episode of Oprah’s visionaries has pulled me out of many a hole. Like if I could only save one thing on my DVR, that would be it.

What are your favorite inspirations?!?