Tea Talk

I love tea. I love all varieties of tea, fancy and non-fancy alike. In fact, my favorite tea is plain black tea with a splash of evaporated milk, honey, and nutmeg. Crack. And basic as hell. Of course, I love a chai latte. Teavana’s Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Tea Blend is yummy for a latte. It has a bit of natural sweetness, so you don’t need a ton of sugar, and is nice and spicy.


I wish I could have a sweet tea IV drip. It’s hard to find here in Miami. But its terrible for you. So I ice a combination of Teavana’s Sakura Allure and Peach Momotaro. I juice apples and pears to replace some or all of the sweetener. Its nice and refreshing but not too sweet, as to avoid drinking the liquid diabetes daily.


Whenever I travel, I try to pick up fun teas to try. When I was in San Francisco recently I went to David’s Tea and tried the baklava and coconut oolong. I like them both. The only thing I didn’t like is they both had some artificial flavoring and I try to stay away from those.


I also use varieties of tea for medicinal purposes:

Ginger helps with digestion. Just shred fresh ginger into a pot with water. Squeeze a piece of lime or lemon and a bit of honey and it’s yummy and will settle your stomach. For colds its ginger and garlic.


I’ve been dealing with anxiety issues for the last year, specifically around sleep. I like Yogi’s bedtime tea. It has Valerian Root and St John’s Wort which are great sleep aids. I’m willing to accept that this one might be a placebo effect, but the tea is tasty anyway. Its kinda sweet too, so sometimes I swap it out for dessert.


I made a tea with thyme leaves the last time I had a nasty cough and it definitely helped. I also like the “master cleanse” for colds: Cayenne pepper, lemon, and honey.

What are your favorite teas? Do you have a house blend?