Bougie Shit: Episode 72

So yeah we know it’s been a while since we’ve last spoken. We’re not going to lie to you and make up some sob story…truth is we’re out here in these Soundcloud, iTunes, Twitter and Instagram streets. You can follow us via all of those avenues or whatever you so chose either way stay tuned!!

Jumping into the shit…last week aka the end of April, ┬áthis country wrapped up a whole bunch of shit in a funky ass bow that has a lot of you niggas mad! Sorry but not sorry about everyone’s favorite t.v dad, at 81 finally facing imprisonment after years of being a prick towards women.

Let us not forget all the antics of Kanye West which became Ye vs. the people, the TMZ incident and the CNN panel discussing the recklessness of his most recent commentary and a lengthy interview with The Breakfast Club’s own Charlamagne The God.

We even had Kelis telling her story, breaking her long term silence regarding her abusive relationship with Nas.

The audacity of the ignoramuses are out here cape’n for the most fuck shit is absolutely sad and disappointing there’s no getting around wrong and we both need men and women to get with the fucking program! Sexual intimidation, sexual assault, abuse of any kind , and reckless platform usage (inaccurate recollections of history) = WRONG doing people. How much more do the naysayers need before they grasp the understanding that changes need to be made.

Moral of last weeks chain of events seems to be that following people blindly is reckless, look before you leap friends.


Until next time ta-ta for now…

Trinidad James

A few weeks back when the SAE foolishness went down, rapper Trinidad James was invited to sit down with Don Lemon to have a interesting debate on the usage of the N-Word in today’s society. While he made some interesting points I couldn’t get past his appearance, I get it he’s a rapper and their supposed to appear flashy and what not but damn! Who ever dressed him for this interview should be popped! Outfit’s aside this was a spirited and interesting debate. Check the video below…

Marc Lamont Hill put this whole thing to bed with this statement…couldn’t find just the interview clip alone so feel free to hit stop it at 2:40. The rest of the guys statements were interesting enough but irrelevant to me.