Hangover Food

I’ve been out frolicking tonight, and all I can think about it something good to eat. I cook a lot. And I always have that one corner of food that’s not quite enough for a full meal but too much to throw away. So my plan is always to boil some diced potatoes, fry it all together to make a hash, and throw a poached egg on top. It works particularly well with Fajita style chicken,with black beans. Or spicy sausage and peppers. I could also see this with roast beef or pulled pork. It makes for perfect hangover (or lazy brunch) food.


Pulled chicken in my fresh tomato and tomatillo sauce


Fried (and seasoned) boiled potatoes


combined the chicken and potatoes and threw a poached egg on top. Leftover black beans on the side.

What are your favorite hangover eats?