Real Housewives of Melbourne

[I’ve started this post 4 times now with 4 different topics… I really don’t have it. LOL] I guess this post is Fuckshit Friday… and Saturday… and Sunday too at this point

Today, I shall share my love for the Real Housewives of Melbourne. I stumbled across it last year. Bravo played the first season in the middle of the day on Sundays. Like the other new franchises, I DVR-ed to binge watch at a later date. I finally watched over Thanksgiving and was instantly hooked.

Gamble, Janet, Jackie, Chyka, Lydia, Gina, Pettifleur

These women are the shit of amazing TV. Melbourne is what would happen if you put Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta together. The result is simply EVERYTHING!!! My boos Chyka and Lydia give me so much Lisa Vanderpump. I mean… there is only ONE Vanderpump… and she shall NOT be unseated as my favorite housewife of all times. Just will NOT be outdone. But Chyka and Lydia give that I have too much money to be bothered with this shit moment that I live for. Chyka also has the nurturing, Yolanda-ish qualities that make her warm and huggable.

Gina is Phaedra Parks in every way, from her opulent (read: tacky) drag inspired jewelry, right down to her profession, as she too is an attorney. She’s also crazy just like Phae Phae. And a liar. Just like Phaedra, when called on her bullshit, Gina will lie or divert and then try to make other people think they aren’t smart enough to know what they JUST saw. Its entertaining. Gina just makes good TV.

Janet is this cougary lady. She’s often the scapegoat for conflict in the group. I don’t know… she doesn’t offend me but I don’t particularly like her either. She actually brings Orange County’s Vicki Gunvelson to the party. Frankly I could do without her.

New comers Pettifleur and Gamble are freaking insane. Gamble and Pettifleur give a sort of Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore type presence, respectively. Gamble is like Brandi, except that she knows how to stop just short of needing her teeth knocked out. How Brandi has avoided hands all these seasons is beyond me. I wish they would do an Atlanta mashup so Porsha could tag that ass one good time. Like Gamble, Pettifleur knows how to provoke. She goes about it in a slightly more Kenya-esque manner… low blows and truth.

Finally, Jackie (Jacks) is just the breath of fresh air this season. All she cares about is launching her La Mascara drink and shinning. She’s almost like a fusion of Kandi’s low maintenance attitude regarding the other women, with Kim Zolziac’s fun/crazy.



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