Look Around

Last night I was on the phone with my mother, fantasizing about my ideal life… Warm weather… My own store… My own schedule… Lots of travel. As she was chuckling I started thinking “WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!!! I’m not that far off.” It was one of those moments of “STFU AND LOOK AROUND!!!

I live in Miami – warm climate ✔️. I’d still like to live part time in another city. Totally want snow bird life, but again, 30. I have an online store that I absolutely love ✔️. I hate my job, but I definitely don’t set a clock and get to work around 10ish. That’s not a check, but definitely a step in the right direction. Of course if always love to do more, but I’ve taken some really fun trips and met some awesome people along the way. ✔️

I’m perpetually hard on myself and often miss the forest for the trees. I, like most of my peers, had those lofty “by the time I’m 30 goals,” which were completely unattainable. But I still measure myself by them. Last night was the first time I thought “huh… I’m on the right track.”

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