In Defense of Bae, Amber Rose

I’m so sick of these fuckboys. It’s amazing to me how Kanye and Wiz have AWL the hoes to call Amber after both proclaimed her as this prize. KNOWING her stripper past and twerking for the gram present, they paraded her around in these streets and we were in awe because ultimately, Amber is bad as hell. It’s SO amazing to me how after a woman decides she doesn’t want the man anymore, she’s suddenly the bitch, ho, etc. Tuck in your hurt sirs.

Seriously Kanye?!?! 20 showers?!??! As if Kim has some sort of spotless record. While I don’t believe shes a sexual whore, despite being a media one, she’s been around the block a few times. How do we know? Because we were along for the ride. Kanye recorded a whole hurt ass album about Amber… about all the the things Yeezy taught her and then took away. And 20 showers!??! If he don’t get THEE fuck. Kanye was cheating on HER with Kim and HE needs 20 showers?!?

As for Wiz, that is the mother of his child. There should never be a time when he speaks so ill of her publicly. She’s kept everything pretty tame about the details of their breakup, noting that they co-parent relatively peacefully. So why so much!?!?

All the name calling is an unnecessary deflection of their hurt. Get that shit off your chest in a constructive way and move on. It’s like they didn’t want her but can’t stand the thought of anyone else having her. Grow up!

My only criticism of Amber is I wish she would stop picking the wrong ass men. There is life after fuckboys. See Rihanna or Eve.

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