Culture of Sexting Frien-enemies

When did we become this culture of sexting frien-enemies? Like grown people, I’m talking late twenties and up don’t have real communication with the opposite sex anymore it’s all text message conversations and rendezvous for sex but no intimacy, no courtship, no respectability, no dates, no breaking of bread, no nothing! And I’ll be honest with you I’ve been guilty of this foolishness too! So I’m wondering what fuck happened to our society? I posed the question via our @MoreBougieThanYou on Instagram a few weeks back wondering if this shit was the new normal, that’s what the majority of my friends both male and female are telling me. The “new adults” living in this day and age of the got to have everything now era have seemingly lost site of the virtue of getting to know someone new and appreciating their nuances with care and patience, its like everyone is in such a damn hurry to move on to the next damn step that we rush into relationships half dressed, shirts on but no shoes, bras but no panties and so on…you get the point. I find it hard to believe that we’re all so busy that we can’t slow down long enough to stop and smell the roses. I’m feeling like people are just too lazy to tell the damn truth! If you’re not interested then what’s the harm in letting someone know that so that he or she can move on stop the sexting frien-enemy bullshit.

And the gift that is Amanda Seales!!!!

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