Start The Day With The Internet

I start almost everyday with The Internet’s “Sunset”. However many times it takes for me to feel better. I know it’s so old, but it’s freeing. Helps me drop all the bullshit I bring with me just by being at a job that doesn’t match my introverted personality at all. I can always vibe out to this song and clear my headspace.

I usually let it ride into “Dontcha” which makes me want to twirl.

Usually does the trick…

I can’t wait for their new album, which is dropping next week. Special Affair is my shit:


A friend was kind enough to inform me that Mercury’s bitch ass is in retrograde and that’s all I have to look forward to for the next couple weeks.

I believe in what astrological signs say about a person and that it has a real effect on the way we carry on in life. So when I was in complete shambles last week, I should have known something was up. I always seem to struggle when Mercury is in retrograde although I don’t usually find out until I’m one thread pull away from falling apart.  I haven’t been able to shake nostalgic feelings about the past and wanting to bring them into my present. I have a yearning to reach out to people from my past who are bad for me. Suddenly I want to move… I’m confused… and my life is upside down. Thankfully I know now that I should just hold tight on any drastic decisions until Mercury can pull it together. Is it June 11 yet?!?! shit.

Jay-Z B-Sides

The highlight of my weekend was absolutely Jay-Z’s B-sides show for Tidal. I’m a pretty big Jay fan and I got my complete life off the show. I’ve seen him live a couple of times and it was nice to hear some of the songs I’ve never heard at a show. I will admit I didn’t know EVERY song but I knew the vast majority of them. It was so dope to hear my favs off Reasonable Doubt like “Friend or Foe” and “22 twos,” and ANYTIME American Gangster is in the mix, I’m 100% here for it, although I was mad he didn’t play “Party Life” all the way out. The most amazing for me was “Allure.” I love that damn song. It was also amazing to see the Roc fam reunited and JEEZY!!! Anyway, if you have a cool 2 hours laying around, watch this and prosper!!

(I’m pretty sure this link will get snatched, so WATCH IT SOON!!!)

No More Room

“Your departure’s long overdue now… Loneliness its time that I let you go. No more roooooooom in my life… for yoooou dear.”

Only a few good things come from my emotional crises. A clean house and Emily King. My emotional crises generally stem from anxiety which leaves me feeling very out of control and causes problems with my sleeping which makes me less in control the next day. I think they call that a cycle. If I’m lucky, I’m close enough to the weekend so that I get a reset and sleep and feel better within a couple days. But this last time, my trigger was on a Monday. Fuck my life and everyone around me, right? By Wednesday I was feeling so out of control that I only wanted to control the controllables. The one thing I can control is my space. I found myself up in the middle of the night, with work imminent no doubt, sipping Bedtime Tea, listening to Emily King and cleaning. That, friends, is a silver lining. I felt incredibly empowered in that moment. Emily was telling loneliness to get the fuck on and I was symbolically clearing my mind and actually cleaning my space.

Blogger Love

Mixing patterns and prints done the right way…meet Rochelle Johnson of a fabulous everyday fashionista!! I love her style she makes getting dressed looked so effortless while being super cute, sexy, and flirty!!

Best pics in one collage

Best pics in one collage


Below are a few of my absolute fave looks she’s posted over the past few months!!image1


Spring Forward

Spring Forward


I have the black and white dress I'm just missing the jacket and the boots lol

I have the black and white dress I’m just missing the jacket and the boots lol

We love a good head wrap and some shades!!

We love a good head wrap and some shades!!

Accepting The Inadequacies

The other day I was having a conversation with my friend about the lack of experiences we’ve had in regards to dating and sexual intimacy. We found ourselves feeling largely inadequate in comparison to some of our girlfriends who’ve been romping around in beds with boys and men for years! I offered that when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it most people don’t know what the hell they’re doing because it’s always going to be new! Consider this, when you enter into a new position (not sexually y’all! GET YA MIND RIGHT!) two people come together as complete strangers, they don’t know shit about one another so they don’t know what one another likes or dislikes so essence everyone is at some point inadequate. The point is this, if you are like myself and my girlfriend don’t beat yourself up for your lack of experience, there is someone out there that’s going to relish in your innocence. Trust me I know, I’ve had one be hella excited about it and aside from that I’ve never had a man bash me for my naivety. So when in doubt just talk it out, I generally explain myself away from the jump to give my suitor a better understanding of who I am and where I’m coming from. You can do the same, honesty can be a good thing and if he or she flakes the bump them!!

Midnight Planning Session: Organizing

I took off tomorrow to avoid Ultra… let’s just say, it’s a lot. (I’ll post some pics and video to the gram). I figured I’d better do something productive. SO I’ll be organizing! (yay. not really). It was already on my to do list but I was totally inspired to up the ante by one of my blogger heros over at the Fashion Bomb. I’m starting with a bunch of nesting and collapsible boxes to organize my closet.

I also bought tons of hangers to organize my consignment business, which has quickly taken over my apartment. I’d like to contain it to it’s own space.

I’d like some sort of storage or bench at the end of my bed. I have lots of empty floor space (on purpose), but I need to find ways to optimize my space without adding additional large furniture pieces. So I’m thinking some sort of benches under my tables or at the end of my bed could work. I’ll hit Marshall’s, Ross, Home Goods, and Target tomorrow to see what I can find, at a reasonable price point.

For the decorating piece, I found these picture frames in the garbage room after one of my neighbors moved out… I think I want to hang them, sans pictures. I’m totally in a mixed metal moment so I’m mixing the silver frames with the gold ones.


Finally, I bought this great paisley (of course) duvet so I can switch up my room a bit… give it some freshness.

I have a loose plan, but still don’t have everything figured out. What are your tips for organizing a lot of “stuff” in a small/inefficient space.