Creative blocks are the fucking worst. I keep all kinds of inspiration around to help me get through…

Vintage stuff. The textures and workmanship in vintage “stuff” is so inspiring. On top of my vintage dresser I have a vintage hat box where I house my next favorite inspiration…


Architecture, Art, and Fashion Books. I love architecture. The buildings tell stories and can help get creative energy flowing

Documentaries. The Eye Has To Travel is an amazing documentary about Diana Vreeland, the ORIGINAL fashion badass. Tom Ford’s episode of Oprah’s visionaries has pulled me out of many a hole. Like if I could only save one thing on my DVR, that would be it.

What are your favorite inspirations?!?

Let’s Talk Thursdays

Just sat down and started talking about the things they came to mind…..I’m in this space of trying to figure this shit out called life and its really complicated. I’ve never been all that great at living in the moment much less great at being an adult for that matter lol…most days I just want to quit! But I’ve come to recognize I’m super hard on myself,  guess that’s why God gave me great friends who remind me to stop smell the roses….life is about being present. that our parents are not always going to get it!

Someone once told me that rejection is just a redirection from God, referencing my mom not understanding, I had to realize that sometimes our parents just not don’t get it and that’s ok too we’re from different generations living in different times with different circumstances.

I was totally amped up on ten in this video but the message is pretty clear…we all have to just breathe….everything will come together in the time its supposed to, we can’t rush it. I sat down with this on my heart more so for myself than for anyone else but if this resonates with you in anyway then I am grateful.