Start The Day With The Internet

I start almost everyday with The Internet’s “Sunset”. However many times it takes for me to feel better. I know it’s so old, but it’s freeing. Helps me drop all the bullshit I bring with me just by being at a job that doesn’t match my introverted personality at all. I can always vibe out to this song and clear my headspace.

I usually let it ride into “Dontcha” which makes me want to twirl.

Usually does the trick…

I can’t wait for their new album, which is dropping next week. Special Affair is my shit:

Multi-hyphenate Bitch

I was a part of 2009 Twitter, like when everything was fun and celebs roamed in the wild. One of my favs during that time, and to this day, is Bevy Smith. I was so inspired by her entrepreneurial journey and decided to embark upon one of my own fresh out of law school. In her brand new podcast, “Bevy Says” she said she’s a “multi-hyphenate bitch” and of course the “YAAAASSSS”es came flying from the depth of my soul. She defined it as women who can’t be boxed in.

Before Bevy was a buddy of a college friend who we fondly spoke of as slash/slash because of her multiple job titles, and my Atlanta music industry mentor. I was always aspired to be a version of these women. I’m pretty much in there now… I’m a lawyer by education, and that’s cool. Makes me feel like peak educated negro. I’m also an entrepreneur that hustles clothes on the innanets… which makes me feel smarter than the average bear. And the occasional blogger, which fulfills my writer fancy. I just am who I am and by boxes I will not abide.

Superfruit Gave Me Life

As a teen I was very much into theater…watching this video took me back to care free foolishness with friends waiting around on tech day… playing with current songs singing in full voice and clowning!! OMG great times, I miss the theater…that might be apart of my life changing goals this year, I’ve recently decided to really take control of my life and focus on myself and what I want and what feels right for me. A change of pace is coming…enjoy the epic-ness of this lads and have a good laugh!!!

Beautiful Brown Girls

Since we’re Bougie and we’re Brown I decided hey lets show some of our people some love on the site today..below are some celebs and everyday beautifully bubbling brown people enjoy!! I may have to do one specific to just the men soon!!

Random beauties on my timeline this week

Random beauties on my timeline this week


There were just too many to choose from so I’ll have to do this periodically too!!
IMG_1518Gotta love me some Max aka Erika Alexander from Living Single!! Bottom right in full glam..yaaas bish slay!!! Smack in the bottom middle Tika Sumpter and her gorgeous older sister!!


SCREAMING TIKA SUMPTER!! This woman is just fucking flawless! And apparently so are her siblings, the top left is her older sister…just beautiful!!

My Food of Choice

Judgement free zone here kids!! So judge ye not ok! This week I’ve been busy busy busy…running to and from so cooking has been nil to say the least…below is what I opted instead and again I say judge ye not ok!!





And then this happened I couldn’t order in because it was too late on a Sunday and I was starving so I wandering into my kitchen and this turned out!! Goodness on a plate



My liquor is included in all food categories according to the way my world is set up just so we’re clear and again judge ye not!!

Accepting The Inadequacies

The other day I was having a conversation with my friend about the lack of experiences we’ve had in regards to dating and sexual intimacy. We found ourselves feeling largely inadequate in comparison to some of our girlfriends who’ve been romping around in beds with boys and men for years! I offered that when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it most people don’t know what the hell they’re doing because it’s always going to be new! Consider this, when you enter into a new position (not sexually y’all! GET YA MIND RIGHT!) two people come together as complete strangers, they don’t know shit about one another so they don’t know what one another likes or dislikes so essence everyone is at some point inadequate. The point is this, if you are like myself and my girlfriend don’t beat yourself up for your lack of experience, there is someone out there that’s going to relish in your innocence. Trust me I know, I’ve had one be hella excited about it and aside from that I’ve never had a man bash me for my naivety. So when in doubt just talk it out, I generally explain myself away from the jump to give my suitor a better understanding of who I am and where I’m coming from. You can do the same, honesty can be a good thing and if he or she flakes the bump them!!

Late Night Cravings: GiGi Miami

Gigi is one of the few places in midtown that is really open all times of the day and night and I LOVE that. It’s especially convenient when people are flying into to town late or I’m out twirling on an off night. Pretty simple Asian fusion food and GOOD MUSIC! I usually have the mushroom buns or fried rice.

But sometimes… Sometimes it’s just worth throwing on some jeans and a tee late at night to grab dessert. Everything is made from scratch daily. There’s a different bread pudding and ice cream flavor every day.


The first time I went, I had this beauty. Dark and white chocolate bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream…


I can just taste it now. They have other great desserts like sweet potato cheesecake and apple crisp, depending upon the time of year, but unless there are bananas or peanut butter in the bread pudding, I rarely order them. Welp!! I know what one day this weekend will entail….

Brunch & Shyt: The District Miami

Its the middle of the week… best time to reminisce on brunches past and plan brunches to come. Last weekend my friends called me a cool 5 mins before they were leaving the house to go to brunch. NATURALLY I jumped my ass up, showered right quick and made it before they finished the first round.

Miami is under heavy gentrification right now. Of course that brings more fun restaurants to try. So on to the District.

First of all… bottomless mimosas until 3… YAAAASSSS!!!

My friend Cee ordered the Crab Eggs Benedict. It was DELICIOUS. Very well seasoned. Funny story – she’s a vegetarian and I don’t eat pork. When I took my fork full, we looked at each other… she said “there’s definitely meat in here and I don’t even care, ” I nodded, and we carried on.

Kelly and I were having one of those “I want sweet AND savory brunch moments.” So I ordered the Pineapple Pancakes with Chile Butter, she ordered the Egg White Frittata and we shared. Both were amazing. The chile butter with the pancakes wasn’t really spicy but definitely added something different to the mix. The eggs in the frittata were actually damn seasoned. Do you know how many nasty ass, unseasoned egg whites I get?!?!? Pet peeve.


Anyway. Brunch was great. I was drunk. The end.

Do you already have brunch plans lined up for the weekend? What are your favorite brunch spots?!?!?!



I’ve made some piss poor decisions in my life. Most have lead to pretty dope endings if I just ride them out. Today, my crazy ass decision to move to Miami 5 years ago is paying dividends. I was listening to Badu’s Orange Moon, thinking about what I wanted to say today, and just looked around from my desk to remember I’m living a pretty cool life, all on my terms. No, it’s not perfect but it’s the one I chose. And for that I’m grateful.





And I’m planning a beach day while yall are cold as fuck. *snickers* (Yall didn’t think I was leaving without bragging a little right?!!?!)

What are you most grateful for today?