My Food of Choice

Judgement free zone here kids!! So judge ye not ok! This week I’ve been busy busy busy…running to and from so cooking has been nil to say the least…below is what I opted instead and again I say judge ye not ok!!





And then this happened I couldn’t order in because it was too late on a Sunday and I was starving so I wandering into my kitchen and this turned out!! Goodness on a plate



My liquor is included in all food categories according to the way my world is set up just so we’re clear and again judge ye not!!

Hangover Food

I’ve been out frolicking tonight, and all I can think about it something good to eat. I cook a lot. And I always have that one corner of food that’s not quite enough for a full meal but too much to throw away. So my plan is always to boil some diced potatoes, fry it all together to make a hash, and throw a poached egg on top. It works particularly well with Fajita style chicken,with black beans. Or spicy sausage and peppers. I could also see this with roast beef or pulled pork. It makes for perfect hangover (or lazy brunch) food.


Pulled chicken in my fresh tomato and tomatillo sauce


Fried (and seasoned) boiled potatoes


combined the chicken and potatoes and threw a poached egg on top. Leftover black beans on the side.

What are your favorite hangover eats?

Homegrown Gourmet

Every now and again I surprise myself…but not really, my friend popped over last week late in the evening missing the a key piece ingredients I needed to make my fabulous noodle stir fry for us so I had to improvise…


And this is what I came up with a good healthy 30 minute meal, asparagus and shrimp!!

What you’ll need:

2 small lemons (Meyer lemons will work great for this dish)

6 cloves of garlic(minced) or 2 tsp of minced garlic in the jar

sea salt/pepper corns or just pepper


chicken stock

 1 tbsp of olive oil


Take half of the minced garlic and sauté in safflower oil in a small sauté pan on low to med heat – don’t let it burn though this process happens quickly

Season shrimp in separate bowl with – lemon juice and fresh cracked pepper and sea salt (toss shrimp in seasoning and then in the sauté pan with the garlic and oil) Cook until pink and take off heat

In a large sauté pan take the other half of minced garlic and 1 tbsp of oil and simmer on medium heat once the garlic begins to brown drop in asparagus (make sure to snap off woody ends first) toss asparagus around is sauce then add in chicken stock (you want a thin layer of liquid barely covering the veggies, we’re steeping the flavor here) the asparagus should still be bright green as pictured above!

The whole process should take about 30 minutes to cook with prep I’ll say 45 minutes in total. In case you don’t know how to prep asparagus here’s a handy video to teach you how.


Chicken stock is the shizzle when it comes to veggies!! I try to steer clear of using too much salt so I cook a lot of vegetables in chicken stock the added benefit is that it adds flavor and I don’t have to use salt.

Let us know if you try this recipe and it works for you!


Slightly Domesticated

So here recently I’ve been totally unmotivated when it comes to cooking myself a meal or two so I’ve been here and there and a few other places in between. Below are a few of my treats along with a few outings with my girls.


My shrimp étouffée was fucking amazing!! I need to make that again soon!

My shrimp étouffée was fucking amazing!! I need to make that again soon!

Bougie ass lunch with my girl at a lovely little place called Can Can Brasserie...this plate was amaze balls!!

Bougie ass lunch with my girl at a lovely little place called Can Can Brasserie…this plate was amaze balls!!

This one is super simple and quick mama’s! All you need is a bottle of egg whites, jimmy deans turkey sausage crumbles, shredded Colby jack cheese, salt and paper to taste, cupcake wrappers, muffin pan and voila!!

Turkey sausage egg white muffs....for the future husband!!

Turkey sausage egg white muffs….for the future husband!!

Listen I’m a bit of a wino, but I only drink white wine. I’m trying to get into the red side of life but the few I’ve had I don’t recall the names (silly me), the last red I had was an Argentinian Malbec that gave me heartburn. I haven’t had one sense, if you have suggestion that won’t flare up my old lady indigestion issues please drop a few names below I’ll gladly try a few.

Technically not food but it should be considered such!! This was a yummy petite noir that i don't recall the name of sadly. I'm not much of a red wine gal but I'm trying it out!

Technically not food but it should be considered such!! This was a yummy petite noir that i don’t recall the name of sadly. I’m not much of a red wine gal but I’m trying it out!

Tea Talk

I love tea. I love all varieties of tea, fancy and non-fancy alike. In fact, my favorite tea is plain black tea with a splash of evaporated milk, honey, and nutmeg. Crack. And basic as hell. Of course, I love a chai latte. Teavana’s Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Tea Blend is yummy for a latte. It has a bit of natural sweetness, so you don’t need a ton of sugar, and is nice and spicy.


I wish I could have a sweet tea IV drip. It’s hard to find here in Miami. But its terrible for you. So I ice a combination of Teavana’s Sakura Allure and Peach Momotaro. I juice apples and pears to replace some or all of the sweetener. Its nice and refreshing but not too sweet, as to avoid drinking the liquid diabetes daily.


Whenever I travel, I try to pick up fun teas to try. When I was in San Francisco recently I went to David’s Tea and tried the baklava and coconut oolong. I like them both. The only thing I didn’t like is they both had some artificial flavoring and I try to stay away from those.


I also use varieties of tea for medicinal purposes:

Ginger helps with digestion. Just shred fresh ginger into a pot with water. Squeeze a piece of lime or lemon and a bit of honey and it’s yummy and will settle your stomach. For colds its ginger and garlic.


I’ve been dealing with anxiety issues for the last year, specifically around sleep. I like Yogi’s bedtime tea. It has Valerian Root and St John’s Wort which are great sleep aids. I’m willing to accept that this one might be a placebo effect, but the tea is tasty anyway. Its kinda sweet too, so sometimes I swap it out for dessert.


I made a tea with thyme leaves the last time I had a nasty cough and it definitely helped. I also like the “master cleanse” for colds: Cayenne pepper, lemon, and honey.

What are your favorite teas? Do you have a house blend?

Snow Day Eats

Girl listen when its dumb cold outside…she is not going anywhere! So what did I eat today? A bunch of bull shit and a little bit of a balanced lunch but I ate that so quickly I forgot to take a picture for my girls and guys so instead I have pics of all my bullshit 😛 Pics to follow my dears until we chat again kisses!!!! What are you eating today in this ridiculous weather we’re having on the east coast?

Exhibit A: Chex Mix @ 1030ish this morning sad breakfast


Rotisserie Chicken and Asparagus the balanced shit

Exhibit B: Chex Mix and a mini Magnum Almond Bar  mid day snack


Exhibit C: left overs from CPK Jambalaya with zucchini noodles


For The Love of Cooking Shows

I’m a cooking show nerd. Anyone who follows us on twitter knows I jump on just about every Saturday morning, from bed no doubt, and tweet about yummy recipes and Cooking Channel personalities. So I could easily assert I am an aficionado. My Saturday morning ritual started well before twitter, or Food Network for that matter. It started with PBS and Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, an’nem. (Bitch, I STANNED for Death by Chocolate and the Galloping Gourmet) In other words, I’m OG.

I LOVE Cooking Network. It’s like Food Network’s bad bitch little sister. Where Food Network jumped on the competition show bandwagon and fell COMPLETELY the hell off, Cooking Network swooped through for those of us really cooking… seasoning our food nshyt. What I love MOST about the Cooking Network is the personalities – mostly women, really cooking! *throws on my feminism and proud black woman cape*

I first fell in love with the Cooking Network with Rachel Khoo and Kelsey Nixon. These gals COOK!!! K? The void left by Rachel Ray’s ole burger, chili, and mac & cheese making ass AND Sandra Lee’s trash ass store bought, non matching bullshit meals, Cooking Network filled. (I will say… Aunt Sandy has a heavy pour and that gets all the yeses). I hate that Food Network dumbed food down SO much. Ok, fine. I know everyone doesn’t want to do everything from scratch like me, cool. BUT SANDRA LEE THE BEST YALL GOT?!?!? No. Rachel Khoo gave deconstructed gourmet french food (and she tweets me back). Kelsey broke shit ALL the way down to “essential” tools and ingredients but accessorized THE HELL out of them in a warm relatable way. And they both are adorable and wear Anthropologie. I know because I’ve seen some of MY clothes on Kelsey.

Nigella be on Cooking Network too. And Nigella is queen food porn. Enough said.

THEN!! They touched the bottom of my bougie heart with my OG boo, Bobby Flay, with “Brunch at Bobby’s”. A WHOLE SHOW DEDICATED TO BRUNCH?!?!?!? WITH THE SEASONING ASS BOBBY FLAY?!?!? YEEEEEESSSSS BITCH!!! (anyone remember “The Main Ingredient” on Lifetime at noon. My whole summers revolved around this show)

Enter Lorraine Pascale. Let me tell you something – this post was really all about Lorraine. In the past when we get brown girls cooking shows they give you varying degrees of Sunny Anderson. Loud, sassy black girl with basic ass food. I mean SUPER basic. Like fried chicken/meatloaf and mashed potatoes basic (which yum but basic). I was excited about Siba Mtongana, but she was the 5th degree of sunny. A beautiful, thick, sassy, South African woman making basic, boring food. I mean she used more soy sauce than anything. And on that I will PASS.

Oh but Lorraine. First, Lorraine is a fomer model and i LOVE models. I was randomly flipping through a Vogue (I think) and saw a vintage picture of her and Naomi Campbell. She’s legit. Second, shes a beautiful dark skinned black woman. AND she cooks down. Her recipes are smart and even challenge convention. I’ve seen her bake cakes out of standard “order” and wondered if that really works. She makes a good blend of easy food but also things that more challenging more experienced cooks like me. The most exciting thing? Her show is SUPER black. The background music is black artists – I’ve heard Outkast and Emeli Sande just to name a few. She is perfection.

I reeeeeally hope Cooking Channel continues in this vein, and doesn’t dumb everything down. My personal wish is that they let someone’s black granny be the next “Paula Deen” and host a real southern cooking show. And maybe get Aarti Sequiera back for some Indian food. Yall know the bougies love ethnic cuisine. But baby steps.
Other Cooking Channel shows and personalities I really like:

  • Extra Virgin bc the Italian husband is hot.
  • Bitchin Kitchen is cute.
  • Anything with G. Garvin because bae. and extra black.
  • Love their specials, namely the holiday one with Kelis (one of my lady crushes)
  • French Food Fast because you can see the joy on the host’s face when shes cooking
  • I ALMOST FORGOT!!! My Grandmother’s Ravioli!!! Old people are truly hilarious and so real!! This may actually be one of my top 3.

I’m sure there are others but that’s a start.