Bougie Shit: Ep 76

Girl. We dig DEEP into the Potomac drama, including why our girl Gizelle is coming across as such a hater this season. It’s disturbing.

Even though Monique gets on our nerves in general, we find some compassion for her miscarriage and her marriage. In discussing Monique’s identity as a wife, ready for her spotlight, we share some excerpts from the Harvard Business Review Article entitled, “Marry someone who supports your career — or don’t get married.”

Finally, we decide whether Jen or Tami is the bigger snake. We land squarely on Tami, but it’s close.


Paisley is a sap – she binged Love Is ____ and can’t wait for SDV to catch up. And for a third week, Paisley is utterly obsessed with the emotional rollercoaster of “Pose.”

SDV loves something on the Shade Room (who can be bothered to scroll through all those posts), and shocks with a second YAS for Power



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