Bougie Shit: Episode 33

This week we’re talking white men being in the way, per usual. 🙄


Auntie Max was sick of their shit and went high when Bill’s bitch ass went low.

Cousin Angela was even more sick of their shit and gave it to Joe’s punk ass in true black girl fashion, leaving us with glorious gifs / memes of the carnage. (I know you’ve all seen this by now, but I’m putting this here for MY easy reference.)

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Where Auntie Max said “I will not be afraid,” Cousin Angela said “I aint neva scared,” and IIIIII was here for BOTH.

Finding Richard Simmons reminded me how much IIIIIIIII am sick of white men’s shit. I loved that Katie Couric dragged the podcaster on her podcast. Newsflash folks, NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING!! In the words of the late great Bernie Mac on Kanye’s “Wake Up Mr. West,”

You think this shit easy, don’t you?
You think this is promised!
Well ain’t nothin’ promised to you!
Look at my face, do I got a promised face?
Does it look like I promised you anything?



Victoria Beckham is known as a sour faced stiff. I love seeing her be silly with James Corden and give us a little Spice Girls, COMPLETE with seat choreography. AND come through Target promotion!! Masterful.

Paisley Outake: Starbucks now has a light sugar chai 🙌🏾🙌🏾. Praise be. I love Chai Tea, but sometimes I just want spicy, not too sweet. Starbucks heard my silent cry. I will add an extra pump next time bc without the sugar its a liiiiiitle weak. But then again, every barista is different – the first one I had was great. The next one, not so much.

BITCH… in my googles for an image for the light chai I found THIS:

HOW IN THE HELL DID I MISS THIS?!?!? Haagen Dazs is bae and I try the seasonal flavors every year. (RIP my MOST favorite Coconut Macaroon) If anyone knows of a good Chai ice cream (or Coconut Macaroon ice cream), comment below or tweet us at @morebougiethanyou.

Until next week friends….

Be Happy, Live Free

I’m so inspired by the Supreme Court’s ruling for Marriage Equality. It’s been sinking in bit by bit. My tv is always on Logo and I caught an episode of the Golden Girls where Dorothy’s lesbian friend thought she was falling in love with Rose. So many shows of that era, like Designing Women, take the stigmas around LGBT issues head on. It’s a reminder of how far we’ve come. I’ve seen some amazing commercials in support of Marriage Equality, on Logo. One, by Macy’s made me so happy. It was of an interracial lesbian couple shopping for their registry. Then I caught “About Bruce” and am so overjoyed by his transition. Everyone deserves the right to be happy and live free.


Oprah Is Just Dope

Facebook is good for somethings!! Today I came across this interview with Oprah, she always dropping gems and this interview is no different!! Check it out and post your thoughts, I am very much on this kick to change several things in my life and interviews like this are right on time. I hope that this helps someone else as much as it’s done a doozy for me…doozy in a good way….it’s an AH HA moment!!

Look Around

Last night I was on the phone with my mother, fantasizing about my ideal life… Warm weather… My own store… My own schedule… Lots of travel. As she was chuckling I started thinking “WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!!! I’m not that far off.” It was one of those moments of “STFU AND LOOK AROUND!!!

I live in Miami – warm climate ✔️. I’d still like to live part time in another city. Totally want snow bird life, but again, 30. I have an online store that I absolutely love ✔️. I hate my job, but I definitely don’t set a clock and get to work around 10ish. That’s not a check, but definitely a step in the right direction. Of course if always love to do more, but I’ve taken some really fun trips and met some awesome people along the way. ✔️

I’m perpetually hard on myself and often miss the forest for the trees. I, like most of my peers, had those lofty “by the time I’m 30 goals,” which were completely unattainable. But I still measure myself by them. Last night was the first time I thought “huh… I’m on the right track.”

Superfruit Gave Me Life

As a teen I was very much into theater…watching this video took me back to care free foolishness with friends waiting around on tech day… playing with current songs singing in full voice and clowning!! OMG great times, I miss the theater…that might be apart of my life changing goals this year, I’ve recently decided to really take control of my life and focus on myself and what I want and what feels right for me. A change of pace is coming…enjoy the epic-ness of this lads and have a good laugh!!!

Beautiful Brown Girls

Since we’re Bougie and we’re Brown I decided hey lets show some of our people some love on the site today..below are some celebs and everyday beautifully bubbling brown people enjoy!! I may have to do one specific to just the men soon!!

Random beauties on my timeline this week

Random beauties on my timeline this week


There were just too many to choose from so I’ll have to do this periodically too!!
IMG_1518Gotta love me some Max aka Erika Alexander from Living Single!! Bottom right in full glam..yaaas bish slay!!! Smack in the bottom middle Tika Sumpter and her gorgeous older sister!!


SCREAMING TIKA SUMPTER!! This woman is just fucking flawless! And apparently so are her siblings, the top left is her older sister…just beautiful!!

Too Young To Have a Bad Back!!

So this weeks FUCK SHIT FRIDAY or Saturday at this point goes to my fucked up back and the current state of my sunny weekend gone wrong! As of friday I am currently laid up in my bed drugged up on pain meds, muscle relaxers and a damn steroid just so I can get around more like the 30 something I am and not someone’s 90 year old grandma as my doctor put it! FML this is my life, as accident prone Susie!

Till Next Week Peeps

Things That Aren’t Meant To Be Will Tell You So…

So today I had the unfortunate lesson of learning the meaning of the above title! My friend mentioned this ideal to me via text during our conversation about my recent house guest. Now I will admit I put myself in this predicament but damn, I could not have imagined that things would have turned out to be as uncomfortable as it did. Long story short I had a gentleman over that I’ve known for a few years but hadn’t seen in a long time so we felt now was as good a time as any to catch up. Things started off great, we grabbed dinner chatted a bit shared a few laughs and then headed back to my place to settle in for the night. Everything seemed to be on the up and up until I decided to let a friend drop by before they were headed out of town for next week, the snowball that started it all, I figured hey it’s no big deal we’ll share a few laughs he’ll meet one of my friends and that be that. Little did I know my gentleman friend had an issue with that, instead he was too busy projecting his issue onto me; what I don’t understand is why when you ask someone how they feel about something they don’t tell you the truth the first time around, like why would I ask if I expected a lie?! So started our tit for tat discussions and my mother-fucking headache! When I tell you I’ve never met someone who complained so much in my life, and about everything and nothing at the same time! Either I was moving too much, I was laughing too much, or I shook my head too hard etc, the list goes on; it got to a point where he even complained about how I had things setup in my damn house! I am never one to be at a loss for words but during his visit there were several times where I was just fucking silent starring off blankly into space, and I’m sure you’re like well damn girl why not put the man out. Well truth is sometimes I’m just too fucking nice, and I was in a vulnerable moment where I wanted companionship, you know someone to just chill out with watch movies, have dinner, you know like a stand in, a seat filler, a friend that you just kick it with ugh fuck! But all that foolishness that went down during this visit was unnecessary and way beyond what I was looking for.

The take away from this life lesson is, 1 is patience ( learn how to sustain/maintain patience! if i ask for something i need to be willing to wait for it) , and 2 if something is not meant to be it will surely tell you so (my gentlemen friend and I are simply not compatible and there’s nothing wrong with that, I need to accept it and move on). I always learn shit the hard way!